February 8, 2017

Treat Your Energetic Dancing Guests to A Wedding Afterglow!


Your vows have been said, dinner’s been served and the party has begun! You, your handsome groom and your guests are dancing and singing along with the DJ to all your favorite tunes; the night is only getting better! But when you pause to take a break, you notice that feeling … and you’re not alone. Your guests have it, too. How, after a full dinner, could any of you possibly be hungry again?

Because you’ve had a full schedule all day, and you’ve been dancing all night, that’s how! But here’s the perfect cure: an afterglow to end your reception. An afterglow, a small meal or snack at the end of the night, is a trend we’re seeing more and more in the wedding world.  As the fascination for unique, local foods and restaurants grows, more brides and grooms want to wow their guests. What’s more memorable than a mouth-watering snack? It can be something simple, or as elaborate and decadent as you choose. It can be used to share a personal detail from the wedding couple – such as the meal you ate on your first date – or something unique to your wedding location! Adding an afterglow at the end of the evening gives your guests one last detail to savor from your wedding … plus it cures their empty stomachs so they have energy for one more spin around the dance floor!

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