January 26, 2017

Sunshine on a Grand Rapids Wedding Day

Meeting Cara & her Mom at a Biggby Coffee (Michigan-based!) was an appropriate spot since this girl loves her coffee. Starbucks normally, but anywhere good she said. On top of starting her day that way, she of course offered Starbucks grounds as favors for her guests. Now THAT’S a wedding favor!

Cara + Michael’s wedding was easily the best way we could have started the 2012 season. Fun-loving, happy, and excited to have us there (almost as excited as we were to be there), it made the go so smoothly for everyone involved. We even lost track of time at their reception! They were just non-stop fun, and completely ecstatic just to be with each other after living so far apart for so long. I love seeing a couple put a cap on a long distance relationship by getting married and finally being able to be together.

This is just a small teaser of what’s to come. It was hard to select what made it in to this small sample when we had such an amazing day to share.

Congratulations Cara + Michael!

Other Vendors Who Helped Make This Day Great:

Photographers: Kai & Kayley Heeringa - kaiheeringaphotography.com
Hair/Make-up: Panopoulos Salon North
Florist: Pocket full of Posies
DJ/Band: Adam Bennett - proformdjs.com
Officiant-Nick VanBeek

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