February 21, 2017

Sarah + Graig | Highlight Film by Owen Video

Sarah & Graig were married on November 11, 2011 inside the Henry Ford Museum, with a reception to follow on the floor of the museum itself, amongst all of the history.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding footage was watching their first dance, as it was like something out of a classic film. Sarah’s dress swept across the dance floor like it was just floating on air and Graig’s confidence in leading and twirling his new wife was so great to watch.

Sarah’s dad performed the ceremony, and I think that brought something really special to their day. Knowing them like he did, he could speak to who they were individually and as a couple. It was an emotional (and great) day, let’s just say that.

Another bonus to this wedding was getting to work with my good friend Miranda Hopkins of Inner Circle Photography (and Jeff Simms who second shot for her), and that always makes for a fun day. Enjoy!

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