February 21, 2017

Quick and Easy Money Saver(s)!


You’re deep in planning your wedding day, putting together photos and lists of all the different things you want to include, when suddenly you begin to notice your budget slowly creeping closer and closer to its limit. A flower arrangement here, a table centerpiece there; several items of décor, and you haven’t even thought about decorating the ceremony site yet!

Not to worry, for there could be a quick and easy money saving trick at your disposal! Many wedding venues offer an array of décor items included in your venue rental cost. Additionally, some locations may even offer unique items for rent at cheaper rates than purchasing the item. You can use these items to compliment your wedding and reception, and save money by not having to buy your own!

At Castle Farms, we pride ourselves on offering this service. Whether you choose to use our lush hanging flower baskets for your ceremony, or perhaps adorn your reception tables with our royal candle centerpieces, or use our whimsical card mailboxes or any of the other items we offer, Castle brides have the freedom to choose if and how they would like to use the items and whether to add their own personal touches! The same goes for our numerous rentable items. They add an extra special touch to Castle weddings and, in most cases, can be personalized to continue any wedding theme.

Remember, you have to take each site, table and guest into account. You’ll be surprised how quickly the expenses climb as even small items are added. So research your wedding venue, and take advantage of what they have to offer. Wedding vendors are there to serve you in planning and enjoying your wedding day. Why waste precious time worrying about money? Let them help you keep conscious of your budget by using their products and services!

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