February 12, 2017

Engagement Session: Kyung and Alison


Engagement session by Tammy B Photography

MiWeddingBlog: Who picked the location?

Tammy B: Kyung and Alison were trying to decide between Belle Isle and Royal oak. I suggested Belle Isle for the photos since it would give us more options. Little did we know they were transforming Belle Isle for a race. But a Challenge to work around all the road barriers was good, and you would never have known. 

Who picked the props? How were they chosen?

Tammy B: Alison and I are both Pinterest members, with a few pins she had, and some ideas I had based on them, we talked about it and decided what would work best for their session.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Tammy B: It has a unique style to it! I guess the props were my inspiration, I love when clients have ways to personalize their session and it allows me to be more creative.

What else can you share about the shoot?

Tammy B: Alison is a natural in front of the camera while Kyung is on step 8 when were still on step 4. lol So doing their engagement session was a great way to learn how to work with them as a couple so that we can have a smooth/fun wedding day. They are both so much fun and I’m excited to see the details they have planned for their big day.

See more of Tammy B’s fantastic work on her photography blog!

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