February 21, 2017

5 Tips to Save Some Dough - All About You Productions


Weddings are expensive and it all adds up fast! Whatever their budget is I am always trying to save my clients money. Here are some of the money saving tips I shared at the 2nd Annual Before You “I Do” event on January 29th.

  • Number one is a given, cut your guest list. Most of your budget will go to the venue, food, and drinks. Just invite your closest family and friends. You do not need to invite the whole office crew.
  • Be flexible with your date. If you choose a less desirable date or time you may save on your venue and other vendors. Choose an off-season date between November and April or perhaps a day of the week other than a Saturday. You could have a later reception serve cocktails and hors d’hoeuvres or a Saturday afternoon reception (serve lunch and less alcohol will be consumed).
  • Ditch the mega posse! You probably do not need a 20 person wedding party (unless you really have that many people that are that important to you). Choose your sister, cousin, and best friend; the people you know will be in your life forever. This will not only save you money, it will also make the chosen ones feel more special, you will have a lot less stress, and your group pictures will be so much better.
  • Save on the bar. Just serve beer, wine, and a signature drink. The signature drink will add a fun touch to your special day and you won’t have to foot the bill for a ton of drinks made with premium liquor.
  • Save on your dress. Buy a sample dress or a dress from last season. Go to trunk shows, often when there is a trunk show you can save a little money. You could use your Mother’s or your Grandmother’s gown. You might not like it just the way it is but it might cost a lot less to change it up a little than to buy a whole new gown. You can change the neckline, length, fit, etc. Or buy a dress from a consignment shop or better yet the Bride’s Project in Ann Arbor. They have donated gowns (used or new) at their cute boutique in downtown Ann Arbor and all of the proceeds go directly to the Ann Arbor Cancer Community! They have dresses anywhere from $100-$3000! You never know what vintage treasure or couture gown you could find.

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